Evangelism at Christ Church

If you do not presently have a church, if you feel a cry within you for an awareness of God, if you have a desire to learn more about the Christian faith, visit Christ Church.

We want to help you explore a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We observe a formal, liturgical approach to worship that culminates in Holy Communion. We confess, we pray, and we listen to Scripture. We hear our priest's application of the scriptures to our lives, and we partake of the Body & Blood of Christ.  The 10 a.m. Sunday worship includes hymns, contemporary hymns and choruses.

We strive to become aware of the presence of Jesus Christ. We emphasize study of Scripture, doctrine, and the history of over two-thousand-years of evolution of our the Christian Church.

Our church members seek fellowship in coffee hours, small groups, and church functions, realizing that our spiritual development is stimulated by the exchange of ideas and by loving friendships in a community of believers.

We are a strong and loving group. We sincerely welcome new members. Every man, woman, and child is worthy of our love, respect, and companionship.

If you do not now have a church, we urge you to visit. On Sundays we have printed bulletins that describe each step of the service. On weekdays, the priest or lay leader conducts friendly and informal worship. We have a coffee hour fellowship at 9 a.m. between the 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. service.