Men's Group

Men's Fellowship

Our men rally together for the support of the church and for building their spiritual values. We have breakfast together each week for an informal but often lively discussion. We identify the aspects of the church in which we can be most useful and move out to achieve results.

Our projects have ranged from cooking meals for the ladies to decorating the entire base of our parish hall. We are proud of our accomplishments which we feel contribute to the enhancement of the church mission.

Brotherhood of St. Andrew

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is an international organization intended to bring spiritual fulfillment to men of the Church by prayer, study, and service. Some of our efforts benefit our own church and others have an impact in the community. Our primary objective is to enhance the spirituality of the men in the group, but we find that our prayer and services, done in the spirit of Christ, have a major impact on our understanding of the mission of the church.