Prayer Group

One of the most active groups at Christ Church is one of the least visible! The Prayer Chain has never held a meeting. We have "links" from the 8:00 service and the 10:00 service in about equal numbers – twenty-eight links with some representing more than one pray-er. Typically, we are asked to pray for someone in a crisis situation. Our value is that, within minutes we can be sending many pleas heavenward. We always need more links in the chain - the more pray-ers, the more prayer power!

There are only two requirements: One must be willing to 1) pray for anyone who asks and 2) make two phone calls to pass along the prayer requests. If this works for you please join us!   And if you want prayer for yourself or for someone you care about, we're here for you. In either case, please call Julia at         (309) 781-2817