Sunday School & Confirmation Class

"Let the children come to me"

With over twenty children meeting in the basement every Sunday, Christ Church is seeing a resurgence of this vital ministry. Lessons, stories and activities are planned each week and it is always a joy to see the creativity of both the teachers and the children.

During the service the young people join us for Communion or a Blessing and then return to their appointed rooms for the final moments before appearing at Coffee Hour in the Parish Hall.

In the summer months we plan a Vacation Bible School that happen at the same time as Sunday School.  The 2017 VBS theme was the "Fruit of the Spirit" and in 2018  "Shipwrecked" anchoring children in the truth that Jesus carries them through life's storms.

Please pray for these precious souls, their families and those who are called to be faithful witnesses to the love of Jesus in their lives.

Those who are ready for the sacrament of Confirmation have classes every other week during the 10:00am service.  On the Sundays between classes they attend service with the regular congregation.  This is a transitional period in their lives.  Teen ALPHA and the new ACNA Catechism form the curriculum for this course of preparation.







       2017 confirmation class with Ms. Megan