Youth at Christ Church

The youth at Christ Church are active in many different aspects of our common life.  They serve at the altar on a weekly basis and once a month sing the anthem and communion hymns.  The youth assist with the preparation of the church at Easter and Christmas and have plenty of fun doing it.  These times have been invaluable to building new relationships within this culturally diverse community.

In the summer of 2017, 16 of our young people went to Church Camp.  In 2017, the Diocese of Quincy started The Anglican Church Camp of the Midwest which was held at Camp Little Cloud in Epworth, IA.  By all accounts it was a great event seeing new friendships made, spiritual growth experienced as well as a chance to worship with other young people.  Parishioners assisted by sponsoring our youth for what was a spiritually nourishing week.

For 2018, Church camp focussed on the theme "The Kingdom of God is at Hand."

The Karen speaking youth also meet for house church several times a month where they can maintain their cultural heritage and language as they worship and pray.

Our youth love picnics, boat rides, bowling and singing!

We thank God for their love, faith and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and His church.